Litters and Puppies

I typically have one, maybe two, litters a year from my personal gun dogs.  I select sires based on what I feel is the best match to complement my female and help me to meet my goals for my breeding program.  I travel as far as needed to breed to the sire that offers the best match.  I do not do any breedings just to have puppies and I sell only to hunting – companion homes that will offer wild bird hunting opportunities to their pup.  My puppy buyers usually want a pup from a specific litter and are willing to wait: as a result my litters are typically spoken for before they are born, often before the breeding even takes place.




This is an unusual year for me in that I am planning to have two litters.  Both are outcrosses, to very different lines, designed to introduce some fresh, exceptional bird dog blood into my line.   The first litter was whelped in January and was a breeding between my Annie and Dashing Nash Bandit.  Those pups are now 4+ months old and have the same easy going, easy to train characteristics of my litters and are hearty, solidly built pups.  They will be an ideal age to hunt this fall, 8 owners – including me – can’t wait to see what they’ve got.

My second 2022 litter is planned with my Dance, as of 5/15/22 I am waiting for her to come into heat. Photos of Dance and the anticipated sire. This litter should produce stylish, talented bird dogs with wonderful personalities for in the home. Depending on litter size and gender mix, there may possibly be male availability for exceptional wild bird hunting homes.