Litters and Puppies

I typically have one, maybe two, litters a year from my personal gun dogs.  I select sires based on what I feel is the best match to complement my female and help me to meet my goals for my breeding program.  I travel as far as needed to breed to the sire that offers the best match.  I do not do any breedings just to have puppies and I sell only to hunting – companion homes that will offer wild bird hunting opportunities to their pup.  My puppy buyers usually want a pup from a specific litter and are willing to wait: as a result my litters are typically spoken for before they are born, often before the breeding even takes place.




2022  My 2022 litter will tentatively be in January/February, 2022.  Reservations are accepted on a limited basis: I am always happy to talk with wild bird hunters looking for their next companion to see if one of my pups might be a good match.
2021    The 2021 litter was my 8th generation of Firelights.  The dam was Annie who is an excellent representative of what I strive for in breeding.   Annie is a compact 48 lbs, light and fast on her feet in the woods, short hard topline and a smooth stride. She is very easy to hunt with, requiring little to no handling while she typically ranges 50-80 yards in the woods.  Annie hits point hard and fast, freezing in whatever position she is in, and she naturally retrieves nicely to hand.  A pretty tri color, OFA Hips excellent, Elbows normal.   The sire was Tip, a handsome blue Firelight male who runs 62 lbs, OFA Good hips, Elbows normal.  Tip is a young dog who has already earned a solid reputation in the grouse woods of Maine and is out of a litter that has several superstars so we have high expectations for the pups from this breeding.
Annie delivered 8 pups easily in late April and was an excellent mother. The pups were robust with very nice heads, tail carriage and the good temperament that we would expect. They have all gone to excellent homes, from the thick ruffed grouse woods to the high prairies: their owners are all avid hunters who will give them every opportunity to develop on wild birds.  I look forward to their feedback as the pups age and show us who they are and their level of talent.

Annie                                                                                                Tip



Annie’s Sire Doc”                          Annie’s Dam “Sally”                    Tip’s Dam “Kate”                           Tip’s Sire  “Mack”