Litters and Puppies

I typically have one, maybe two, litters a year from my personal gun dogs.  I select sires based on what I feel is the best match to complement my female and help me to meet my goals for my breeding program and I travel as far as needed to breed to the sire that offers the best match.  I do not do any breedings just to have puppies and I sell only to hunting – companion homes.  My puppy buyers usually want a pup from a specific litter and are willing to wait: as a result my litters are typically spoken for before they are born, often before the breeding even takes place.
The match between the hunter and the dog is the crucial element for a happy 14 year relationship.  Anyone interested in learning more about rymans in general or specifically my dogs is welcome to call or email.   I am always happy to talk about bird dogs.


Planned Litters

In 2020 I anticipate that there will be two Firelight breedings.
1) The litter that I had planned for winter 2019-20 is postponed until later in the year due to the timing of the female’s heat.  Mother Nature follows her own schedule, not ours, and when my girl came into heat early I postponed the breeding rather than force her to miss out on hunting season.  I feel that dog’s lives are too short with too few hunting seasons as it is, I don’t want her to lose out on hunting when the breeding can be done at the next heat. 
2) A second tentative litter in the spring will be between two Firelight dogs that I have matched but the litter will likely be raised in the Michigan home of the owner of the female.  The sire will be my Firelight Seth bred to Firelight Cascade (a daughter of my Storm, sired by Classic Russian Blue)  Both dogs are well proven on ruffs, strong noses, agile, animated in run and staunch on point. Seth is 62 lbs, Cassie is 48.  I am mentoring this litter, inquiries should come to me with final commitments being transferred to Cassie’s owner.