Available Dogs & Puppies

2017 Litters

Flint Hills Epagneul Bretons

Our French Brittany pups born on May 1, 2017 have all been placed in hunting companion homes.  We are very pleased with what we see so far in these little guys, it looks like the Jack x Lass pairing ‘clicked’ as well as we had hoped.  We are holding onto a male and a female for ourselves to hunt and evaluate them through their first year, we call them Nikki and Nate.  Assuming that these pups develop in the field as we expect given their pedigrees, we plan to repeat the breeding this next winter/spring.  We keep a list for those who would like to be notified when plans for the breeding are finalized and will accept reservations at that time, just let us know if you would like to be on the notification list.



Firelight Ryman Setters

Our April 2017 litter from Sally sired by October Mountain Heath have all gone to their new homes.  They are scattered to hunting companion homes from Colorado to Montana to Nova Scotia and Maine and in between so will be hunting a wide variety of wild bird species.  This breeding is a repeat of the litter that produced our Flint and Kate: we have been so pleased with them and their litter mates as they developed into quality bird dogs and companions that it merited repeating the breeding.   The youngsters are athletic and have been quick learners on wild birds, with kind dispositions and beautiful heads and conformation.  We look forward to watching their progress and development.

Our next litter of Ryman Setters is planned for this coming winter 2017/18.  We are planning to breed our Firelight Kate to Firelight Parker, tying together our 4th and 6th generations.  A few reservations remain available to hunting-companion homes, contact us for details.


Below are a few of the setters from recent litters.  Photos are from a few weeks old to 15 months.

Available Dogs

We often keep a puppy from each litter so we can hunt and evaluate our breedings.   These pups are then sometimes available when they are a year old to approved hunting homes.  At this time we do not have any available dogs but will post here when we do.

Our most recent started dog that we placed was Jazz, our tri-color French Brittany better known to her friends as Pickle.  Pickle is a dynamic little brush busting bird finder and is ideal for thick, tangled cover.  She is now a southern Appalachian ruffed grouse dog and was pointing grouse for her new owner within a day of arriving in her new home.  Between their frequent mountain hunts she quickly became a beloved member of a busy family.


The photos below are examples of started dogs that we have sold in the past.