Available Dogs & Puppies

2017-2018 Litters

Flint Hills Epagneul Bretons

The Jack x Lass puppies have arrived!  On Nov 5th Lass quickly and easily delivered 7 beautiful pups, 6 females and 1 male.  Since both Jack and Lass are orange roans all of the puppies are also.  These puppies are a repeat of the successful pairing of our Jack and Lass.  Older offspring from these two are proving to be smart with terrific noses and drive.  They each are quite the personality but with excellent response to training and are obedient and a pleasure in the field.

Update 12/27/2017: Thank you for all of the interest in the female who had become available.  She has been spoken for by a wonderful family. The Father had hunted with Mike and his dogs and is now about to start on his own Fr Brit adventure.  

We are planning a breeding between Jack and another of our females in summer of 2018.  For more information contact us.  

Photos below: Row 1: Nov 5th litter.    Row 2: Jack and Lass     Row 3 & 4: Nate and Niki, our pups from a previous breeding




Firelight Ryman Setters

In the week before Christmas we did a breeding with our Kate to a handsome male, Good Go ing Classic Mack.  These pups are expected to be exciting and solid bird dogs with beautiful conformation.  Kate is a 53 lb eye-catching beauty, intense on point, with tons of drive and speed.  Mack offers solid, correct conformation and his offspring have strong point and natural ability.   Due to a great deal of interest in this breeding, at this time we are not accepting any additional deposits for this litter at least until pregnancy is confirmed. Both parents are OFA Good.


Below are a few of the setters from recent litters.  Photos are from a few weeks old to 15 months.

Available Dogs

We often keep a puppy from each litter so we can hunt and evaluate our breedings.   These pups are then sometimes available when they are a year old to approved hunting homes.  At this time we do not have any available dogs but will post here when we do.

Our most recent started dog that we placed was Jazz, our tri-color French Brittany better known to her friends as Pickle.  Pickle is a dynamic little brush busting bird finder and is ideal for thick, tangled cover.  She is now a southern Appalachian ruffed grouse dog and was pointing grouse for her new owner within a day of arriving in her new home.  Between their frequent mountain hunts she quickly became a beloved member of a busy family.


The photos below are examples of started dogs that we have sold in the past.